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Mulberry Films endeavours to develop a diverse range of truly absorbing, content-rich, character-driven adaptations from best sellers

Stories that would transcend boundaries and films with global appeal that would touch every soul.

The company is committed to creating literate, commercially viable films for the world market.

a film development company

Mulberry Films, founded in Sep 2012, is headquartered in New York and Mumbai.

We are a Development and Production company for creatively-challenging and commercially viable independent film and media projects.

Mulberry’s team of professionals, have built strong relationships to quality talent in Europe, USA and the South Asian Sub Continent.

Our immersive approach towards each project is our core strength. Our Vision: To identify and secure Film projects with global appeal and develop successful Features.

Gopi Sait ___

Chairman and Founder of Mulberry Films, Gopi Sait, helms Development & Creatives.

A graduate of NYU, Gopi started his career on the East Coast in 1990. With 35 features (ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, CIDER HOUSE RULES, SIMPLE PLAN, MEN IN BLACK, CHINESE COFFEE, BIG NIGHT, BOYS DON’T CRY ) and 300 hours of Television under his belt (LAW AND ORDER series and the NYPD & X-FILES)

His vision for Mulberry is dyed-in-the-wool.
“I want to tell stories that are unique in nature, powerful and commercially viable in today’s globalized world”.

Namrata Sharma___

An Engineer, An Entrepreneur, MD (Alternative Medicine) and An Artist.
Namrata Sharma has 20 years of experience in the IT and Animation industry. She Co-Founded Krayon Pictures in 2007 and was Director(Operations) until 2012.
From being an animator to heading production, her experience includes Hollywood and Bollywood animation projects.

Her Business Development and Project Management experience in the software industry in Asia, includes setting up offices for Megasoft Limited in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Taiwan.

Namrata is the winner of:
The Star Entrepreneur Award by the World HRD Congress
National Award for her animation production (Delhi Safari).
Felicitated for Excellence in Healing Arts at the Festival of the Globe Summit held in California.


Sunaman Sood

SMD & Co Founder, heads Business Affairs, Legal and Commercials at Mulberry Films.
Sunaman runs Acendo Capital Advisors, a boutique advisory based out of Mumbai, with a repertoire that includes M&A, fund raising, new business launches, corporate restructuring, business strategy & planning, specifically partnering Major Studios for movies.

Fire In Babylon (2012- South Asia territory) a documentary on the West Indian Cricket team of the 80s & 90s, is his other project which he acquired and released.

Sunaman is a CFA Charterholder and started his career with McKinsey in 2000 as a Media Analyst. Most recently he was part of the Corporate Strategy & Business Development team at STAR, a NewsCorp subsidiary. He has served as a key decision maker in existing corporate, start up, entrepreneurial, and expansion environments.

Rashaana Shah

CEO & Co-Founder oversees Operations and Production.
A Software Engineer & a serial entrepreneur, Rashaana founded LED IMAGES PVT LTD, India's pioneer LED video wall manufacturer in 2008.

She has been instrumental in setting up a series of cross border JVs in Asia Pacific Cord Worldwide, a full service music agency that builds brands through music and B&H Photo Video Asia Pacific.


“You only live once,
but if you do it right,
once is enough ”
- Mae West
Purple America America begins in a bathtub and ends in Long Island. In between, Rick Moody's latest novel explores the landscape of a family in crisis. Dexter (Hex) Raitliffe, a freelance publicist, returns home to care for his mother, Billie, who is dying by inches of a neurological disease that will rob her of motion, of speech, and finally of thought. After her second husband abandons her, Billie ́s only hope for assisted suicide lies in her son. Unfortunately, Hex is barely able to conduct his own life, much less take the life of his mother.
As Moody weaves his tale of this fateful Friday evening, he juxtaposes themes of aging, obsolescence, and physical decline with an accident at the nuclear power plant where his stepfather works. What lifts this novel above its rather depressing subject matter is Moody's unsentimental storytelling and the soaring language with which he gives his characters voice. Purple America is by turns lyrical, tragic, ferocious, and funny.


During the height of the Cold War, in 1965 the Pentagon and India conspired to spy on China's nuclear detonations by installing a listening device at 25,000 feet on the mountain, Nanda Devi (Sanctuary), in India.

That mission was a spectacular failure. The nuclear-powered device disappears into the ice, threatening the very existence of the country of India.

Based on a true event, the story is a parallel narration from Captain Kohli (The leader of the expedition) and Rob Schaller (the only doctor in the group of climbers) s point of view.
The Collaborator is based on Mirza Waheed’s acclaimed novel. It is Kashmir in the early 1990s and war has finally reached the isolated village of Nowgam close to the Pakistan border. Four teenage boys, who used to spend their afternoons playing cricket, or singing ballads down by the river, have disappeared one by one, to cross into Pakistan and join the movement against the Indian army.

Only one of their friends, the son of the headman, is left behind. The families in the village begin to flee, to search for a place of greater safety.

But the headman will not allow his family to leave. And, whilst the headman watches his dreams give way beneath the growing violence, his son, under the brutal, drunken gaze of the Indian army captain, is seemingly forced to collaborate and go into the valley to count the corpses, fearing, each day, that he will discover one of his friends lying amongst the dead. "The Colloborator" is a stunningly humane work of storytelling with a poignant and unpredictable 14 year old hero at its heart. In one of the most shocking and brilliantly compelling novels of recent times Mirza Waheed lights our way into the heart of a war that is all too real.

To be directed by Dennis Lee

Piano Tuner 

The Piano Tuner is based on an acclaimed novel written by DANIEL MASON set in 1800’s Colonial Burma. It’s in the vein of THE ENGLISH PATIENT, ATONEMENT & OUT OF AFRICA set in the Far East.

In 1886, a shy, middle aged Piano Tuner named Edgar Drake receives a commission from the British War Office, to travel to the remote jungles of North East Burma and deliver a rare piano belonging to an eccentric army surgeon who has proven mysteriously indispensible to the imperial design.

From this irresistible beginning, The Piano Tuner launches its protagonist into a world of seductive loveliness and nightmarish intrigue. And as he follows Drake’s journey, Mason dazzles readers with his erudition, moves them with his vibrantly rendered characters, and enmeshes them in the unbreakable spell of his storytelling.


An Adaptation of Massimo Carlotto’s Respiro Corto, is a ‘gangster film goes global’, as new generation of criminals exploit the vast illegal markets of smuggling (to avoid tariffs), human trafficking (to provide cheap labor), money laundering (to repatriate profits), waste disposal (to eliminate toxic by products), narcotics (to cope with the frenzy of a 24-hour global market) in an increasingly globalized economy.

In this dislocated world, where developed economies in the North outsource industrial production to the South, products appear on stores shelves without a trace of their manufacture. The “independenti” -- exiles, outcasts, former mafia members -- represent a relatively new criminal phenomenon eager to exploit the vastness of these illegal markets.

While they don’t compete directly with the traditional crime organizations, they do represent a thorn in the side for the latter. Often, they become pawns in power struggles playing out within the overlapping spheres of crime, business and politics.

As always, emotions interfere with business, as men and women from diverse cultures find themselves confronting love, hatred, ambition and above all self-interest, because the “independenti” have nothing in common with each other except their hunger for money.

To be Directed By Henry Miller.

The Queue 

The Queue
In a surreal, dystopian Egypt, a centralized authority known as ‘the Gate’ has risen to power in the aftermath of the ‘Disgraceful Events,’ a failed popular uprising.
Citizens are required to obtain permission from the Gate in order to take care of even the most basic of their daily affairs, yet the Gate never opens, and the queue in front of it grows longer.

Citizens from all walks of life mix and wait in the sun: a revolutionary journalist, a sheikh, a poor woman concerned for her daughter’s health, and even the brother of a security officer killed in clashes with protestors.
Among them is Yehya, a man who was shot during the Events and is waiting for permission from the Gate to remove a bullet that remains lodged in his pelvis. Yehya’s health steadily declines, yet at every turn, officials refuse to assist him, actively denying the very existence of the bullet.


"The Queue by BASMA ABDEL AZIZ ... has drawn comparisons to Western classics like George Orwell’s 1984 and The Trial by Franz Kafka.

Winner of the English PEN Translation Award...
To be Directed by Tamer Ezzat


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